Yoko ONO and JohnLENNON Guest Artists at Everson Museum of Art,

Syracuse: Everson Museum of Art, 1971. Tabloid size catalogue (42 x 55,2 cm), 12 pages, illustrated throughout. Design George Maciunas. Catalogue shaped as a newspaper. 1971 Syracus/NY. Everson Museum of Art. 55x42cm, folded once. Illustrated. 12 pp. Fine.

EUR 500.00

Fluxus inspired exhibition catalog of Ono's works. Poster for the event on one cover. 1971.
Catalogue of an exhibition held at the Everson Museum from October 9 – 27, 1971. Mostly reproducing newspaper clippings about exhibitions and reproducing exhibition announcements, small comics and drawings by Yoko Ono. The rear wrapper, which doubles as the exhibition poster, features a sequence where the couple’s faces were typographically morphed from one to the other, images that would later be used on the labels for “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” and “Some Time in New York City.” This retrospective exhibition at the Everson’s ‘was nearly closed when it was besieged by excited Beatles fans, who broke several of the art pieces and flooded the toilets.’