Rivista internazionale di cultura alternative / international review of alternative culture

Nr. 0, 1- 8 (8 numbers in 6 issues of a total of ten numbers published). Text in Italian and Englisch. Milano: TRA edizioni, 1976 -1979. Added a publicity leaflet and subscription form.

EUR 800.00

Directed by Giancarlo Bocchi, -number 0. 1976. Speciale: La Nuova Biennale .Tabloid size, 12 pages, illustrated throughout. -number 1. Speciale: Polonia 7 1976. Tabloid size, 16 pages, illustrated throughout. -number 2. Speciale Canada . Rivista trimestrale di dibattito, informazione e ricerca culturale. Quarterly magazine of debate, information and cultural research. 1977. Quarto, 40 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers. -number 3. il sociale linguaggi istituzioni. 1977. Quarto, 47 pages, illustrated throughout. Fornt cover ‘arte e ideologia’ by F. de Filippi. -number 4/5. Linguaggi negazione e lateralitá. Rivista bimestrale d’informazione dibattito e ricerca culturale. Bimonthly magazine of information debate, and cultural research. Quarto, 47 pages, illustrated throughout. Front cover after Daniel Buren. -number 6/7. Linguaggi di massa. Quarto, 47 pages, illustrated throughout. Front cover with photograph manifestazione di strada (bologna 77). -number 8. Ideolologia Dell’avventura. Rivista d’informazione e politica culturale. The magazine of information and cultural politics. Aprile 1979. Quarto, 37 pages, illustrated throughout. Realizzazione grafica Angelo Sganzerla. Contributions by Ugo Dossi, Ann Tuteur, Haka, Lyn Kienholz, Amerigo Marras, Lamberto Pignotti, Helmut Schweizer and Vicky Scarpa. Photographs by Edoardo Fornaciari, Giorgio Colombo, J.P. Reverdot (P. Hulten), G.E.Simonetti, Lyn Kienholz etc.

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