- No. 1. (Paris, France, Agentzia, 25, rue Vandamme,Paris). no date (Ca.1967). Unpaginated. Accordeon folded, stapled. (29,5 x 10,5 cm) - Number 2. Paris, 1968. Card envelope with loose content. (Very lightly damaged). - No. Double (11/12). "Attention l árt corrompt" in red onthe cover. Paris, 1969. 54 pages, in card cover (21x17,2 cm).
1: Printed in black and red on white paper, texts in French, German and English. Close to Fluxus and the left Underground Press. Photographically illustrated. No editors mentioned, all contributions unsigned (Jochen Gerz and others).
2: 3 visual poems in folded sheets (64x47 Cm.) by Johen Gerz, Pierre Garnier and Jean F. Bory.
(3) Mixed content, report on Fiumalbo, Novara,. Manifestations in London, contribs de J. Blaine, J. Gerz, J.F. Bory, J.C. Moineau,, Kostelanetz, T. Shoachiro, Clemente Padin, J. Furnival, Paul de Vree, S. Toshiko, a.o.
All published as a periodical of Agentzia, other volume numbers refer to booklets.