Important collection related to Kabouters (Dutch for "Gnomes" , the successors of Provo) and Orange Free State, and the municipal elections in Amsterdam, with victory of the Kabouter Party. Quite rare ensemble as follows: ORANJE VRIJSTAAT.
A: -Interesting group of ab. 16 stencilled illustrated PAMPHLETS AND HANDBILLS related to the Kabouters and the Promotion of the Kabouter Party for the municipal elections and for the other Kaboutercities (some illustrated). Includes 6 flyers/handbills stencilled in Red on white paper as election propaganda for Kabouter Party.
B: - 6 publications related to Kabouters/ Orange Free State: 3 issues of FIZZ, organ of the Free State in North-Holland; Kabouter Prikkrant, No. 1; A script of a Radio Broadcast regarding the Provo movement and Kabouters , 1 Oct.1972. Het Blije Volk. 4. Rotterdam Kabouterstad. (Oranje VrijstaatRijnmond).
C:- a file with ab. 35 various stencils related to the Kabouters operating in the Municipal Council. - Informatie Bulletins 2, 3, 4, 6, 7. Each ab. 8-12 pages, stencilled, stapled (Published by Kabouter Informatie Centrum). and -Toneelnota. Aan de Gemeente Amsterdam. (publ.: Kabouter Vrij Pers). - Soft Drug Nota.. Amsterdam Kabouterstad. 26 pages stapled in wrapper
D: a file with newspaper clippings of the interactions between Roel van Duynn, Ton Regtien, Rob Stolk.
E: - ORANJE VRIJSTAAT POSTAGE STAMPS. - Oranje Vrijstaat. First Day of Issue, 20 juni 1970; envelope met zegels en stempels, 10,3 x 23 cm - Oranje Vrijstaat. Boycot de Volkstelling, 15 januari, 1971; enveloppe met zegels en stempels, 10 x 18,9 cm
F:- POSTERS: - "Er gaan veel kabouters op één zetel" (poster, 27x44 cm.,, n.publ., 1965) - "Zonder jou gaat het niet. Stem maar lijst 10 oranje vrijstaat" (poster, 28x44 cm.,, J. Baas, ±1965) - "Zij hebben hun tong gescherpt als een slang, ander vergif is onder hun lippen. Psalm 140: 4" (poster, 62,5x42,5 cm., Amst., Polak & Van Gennep, 1967).

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