(also as: Art Polic; Artpolice Magazine; Artpolice Newsletter; Artpolice Gazette; Artpolice Comics;Artpolice International).

Collection/archive of Artpolice titles, associated publications and related Frank Gaard ephemera: Art Police; Artpolice Magazine; Artpolice Newsletter; Artpolice Gazette; Artpolice Comics; etc., [nos. 1] (March 31, 1974) through Artpolice International (April 1994) (final issue). Sixty-four (64) variously numbered and titled fascicles of the artist’s serial, lacking only seven issues from the complete run of Artpolice and the numerous associated titles issued by Gaard and his conspirators over the publication's 20 year run. 16 mo to small tabloid. -ADDED: Eighteen (18) additional related items, including Man Bag, nos. 3 (1994) through 5 (1996); Losing Faith nos. 1 (1986) through 2 (1987); Sub-Art vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1979); Art Moves vol. 1, no. 2 (April1982) and a host of other Frank Gaard correspondence, exhibition invites, articles, etc. Very good to near fine.

EUR 20,000.00

Edited by Frank Gaard. Art Police was an art zine collectively published by a dozen Minneapolis artists, including the painter Frank Gaard. The zine lasted from 1974-1994. It was known for a mixture of "low brow" humor and "high brow" sensibilities, with political cartoons appearing next to pictures of blowjobs. It is described extensively in Aarons/Roths "In Numbers" (publications by artists since 1955). The publication schedule was highly irregular, and our collation has been following the descriptions in this bibliography. The zine lasted from 1974-1994. Notable Zinesters who have contributed to Art Police were Frank Gaard, Andy Baird, Stuart Mead. Complete list of included ARTPOLICE titles (with issue counts) on request.

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