Numbers 1-11 (all published) Frauenfeld (CH), Eugen Gomringer Press, 1960/1964. Original paper wrappers, 21x15 cm., stapled, unpaginated. Except for very light soilage and traces of tape in the spine of no. 4 in excellent condition.

EUR 4,000.00

Rare complete series of concrete poetry edited by Eugen Gomringer the first concrete poetry periodical published, with texts in typography and typescript in various layouts, each about 28 pages. No 1: 5 mal 1 konstellation, Eugen Gomringer. No. 2: texte ohne komma, Helmut Heissenbuttel. No. 3: ideogramme, R. Azeredo; C. Belloli ; C, Bremer ; A. DeCampos; H. DeCampos; E. Gomringer; J.L.Grunewald; F. Gullar; H. Heissenbuttel; K. Kitasono; D. Pignatari; D. Roth; G. Ruhm; O. Wiener; W. Dias-Pino; T. Spanudis; F. Achleitner; E. Williams. No. 4: konstellationen, Gerhard Ruhm. No. 5: tabellen und variationen, Claus Bremer. No. 6: texte poeme poeme texte, Carlo Belloli . No. 7: livro-poema, Ferreira Gullar. No. 8: klare geruhrt, Ernst Jandl. No.9: Edwin Morgan: Starryveld; No.10: Schwer Schwartz, Friedrich Achleitner. No.11: Ideogramme, Claus Bremer.

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