Suikergoed & marsepein. Amsterdam, Barbara Huges, 1968. 4to, (4), 24 pages, stencilled on recto only, original clothbacked wrappers of textured card, with mounted, handcoloured illustration and holograph title in handwritten lettering with a marker pen (very light soilage to the back wrapper) TOGETHER WITH: Another copy of this work, the second expanded edition with a typographically pinted frontcove in red, green and blue on textured card, taped spine, 34 pages, printed on recto only. (back cover lightly soiled).

EUR 1,000.00

A self-published treatise on trepanation by a member of the Dutch Provo who had experienced the act firsthand. On January 6, 1965, Huges famously self-trepanated himself in a square in Amsterdam, drilling into his own head with a (Black & Decker ?) drill. Huges had studied as a medical student, where he developed the belief that since mankind began to walk upright our heads have been starved of oxygen; he believed that by trepanning, one could achieve a permanent high, bringing his actions into the psychedelic trajectory and influencing a select cadre of auto-trepanationists who have sought freedom from the boundaries of the skull. Very rare documents.

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