Nos. 1-2 (most probably all published). Ed. J. Friedrich, Chicago, n.d. (1993). 4to; photocopies b/w pages, orig wrappers, no. 1 comb binding, title painted trough stencils, no. 2 stapled wrappers. Rare.
Magazine of found, purloined and collaged images and texts, relating to primarily sexual themes. Contributors include: Georges Bataille. Hans Bellmer, Charles Lutwige Dodgson, Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Joseph Beuys, Christian Boltanski, Georges Hugnet, J.G. V=Ballrs, Media Whore, Panther Sahibm etc. The Ballard contribution consists of photocopied pages from Crash, to be continued in Candy 3, but that apparently never appeared. Rare, OCLC locates 1 copy of No. 1 (apparently together with a lollipop, but that is not the case here), and no copies of no 2.

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