INSEKTEN SEKTE (The Insect Sect); MAX RENEMAN: The Magical Provo. Initiator of the Insect Sect and the Expertology Lab.
A collection of original documents and art work by Max Reneman.
A ) .The Butterfly Opera and the Insekten Sekte. Poster "Moeder, wat is er mis met deze Planeet ? Tentoonstelling georganiseerd door Werkgroep V.U…in de Biologische Faculteit der V.U. (Free University) 19 september-13 oktober 1969, with: Insectensecte: Vlinderopera, Resistentieorkest, etc. 62 x46 cm. In perfect condition, only small chip from right upper corner.
B ) The text and musical score of the "Vlinder Opera", on 3 sheets stencilled on white paper, b/w. 4to size. Together with the VERY RARE recording: An LP inoriginal plain white sleeve, with enclosed a sheet of stationary of the Deskundologisch Laboratorium with the content of the disk (1 sheet, a few fold and a tiny closed tear at the bottom). The Butterfly Opera recorded, together with recordings of pieces of music, poems, interviews, and other sounds by people who played a role in the 60’s Provo movement in Amsterdam. Collaborators were: Jasper Grootveld, Theo Kley, Max Reneman, Karel Alphenaar, Marte Benders, Zuster Clara, Else Krieg, Chaim Levano, Huub & Joost Mathijsen, Kunstspelpiano Steck. Also collaboration of Het Amsterdams Ballongezelschap or de Nieuwe Zotten. f Comes in the original white paper sleeve. Contains the tracklist,and a 1930-photograph of the young Dutch queen Juliana and her husband Bernhard.
C ) Sketchbook of Max Reneman. 32,3 x 23,5, stiff beige wrappers with spiral binding. Schetsbook printed in red, with several ink drawings of Butterflies and Dragonflies on the front and 5 full sheets with ink drawings still attached to the spiral-spine. With loosely inserted 6 other studies, drawings and watercolours ( 4 b/w and 2 colour).
D) 5 WATERCOLOURS BY Max Reneman, - 1 study on a sheet of 65x50 cm, Iimage 32x20,5 in blue/white and greay, with ab. 20 times the original stamp of "insekten Sekte", - 1 full colour watercolour of a sitting man in a fantasy chair. Signed Max Reneman - 1 full colour watercolour on sheet 34 x 21.5 , with original stamp of "Insekten Sekte". - 1 full colour watercolour 50x40, depicting a Fantasy raft with chairs and an "Insect shaped sail ", clearly by Max Reneman, not signed. - 1 full colour watercolour, 23x31 cm, depicting a fantasy bird/insect, flying over a sea, with text in pencil "en zal dit beeld verdwijnen dan besta ik niet". E ) A sequence of 5 original photographs by Chiara (the artists daughter) showing how to rescue oneself: Typed text on stationary of "Deskundologisch Laboratorium" (The Expertology Lab.). "De Waalfiets. Gevonden op 1 januari 1972 op het Waalstrand bij Nieuwwaal aan de Waal: a large plastic bag as a raft, found near the river, nylon panties filled with styrofoam and a selfmade sail. Text handwritten in pencil experiment succeeded and another of the sunken raft, experiment failed. A loose photograph: " floating body and head".
E) Deskundologie, Deel 1.
Handboek der Deskundologie Deel I. Onder redactie van Jan Juffermans. Medewerkers o.a. Jan Willem Beunk, Robert Jasper Grootveld, Cor Jaring, Theo Kley, Max Reneman, Piet Holstein (106 pp.). Ex bibliotheek Akademie voor beeldende kunst Enschede, omslag geplastificeerd, stempels aan binnenzijde.

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