No. 1 - [14/15] unnumbered double issue. Los Angeles: NO, 1978-1985. Complete run. [Title change as of fourth issue: "No Mag"]. In 15 physical issues, ca. 30-75 pp. each, two including flexi-disc sound recordings: no. 8 featuring Wild Kingdom; no. 9 featuring Geza X. Small folio. Newsprint. Very good. Illus. self wraps.

EUR 6,500.00

Tabloid-style fanzine (later issues 34,5x27 cm) which chronicled the L.A. underground, with a particular emphasis on some of the more morbid aspects of the Hollywood punk/ underground scene, featuring the punk-rock bands and artists, as well as fashion and design. Published and edited by Bruce Kalberg. in homage to its predecessor in the LA punk scene, Slash. Kalberg says he intended to make his title somewhat edgier. NO MAG sought to be "the most evil, nihilistic magazine ever". Photo Editor: Frank Gargani. Contributors: Photography: Ed Colver, Bob Seidemann, Jules Bates, Will Shatter, Melanie Nissen, Rooh Steif, David Arnoff, Alison Brown, Ed Colver, Karen Filter, Peggy Photo, etc.;
-- Graphics: Fred Tomaselli, Raymond Pettibon, May Zone, Mark Vallen, Bruce Kalberg, etc. ;
-- Articles: Penelope Spheeris, Jill Young, Robert Lloyd, Mark Wheaton, Michael St.Pierre etc.
Rare complete set in excellent condition.

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