-GRAMMES ( - grâmmeS)

Revue du Groupe Lettriste et Hypergraphique (later: Revue du Groupe Ultra-Lettriste).

Nos. 1-7 (last publ.). Paris, 1957 - Déc.1960. Original wrappers; first issue 12,5 x 27 cm, later issues are 8vo. (light soilage to the wrappers, back cover of no. 1 stained; No. 2 present in 2 versions, one with a cover in green and one with cover on beige card).
- With another copy of no.2: Original wrappers, inscribed in ballpen on the front cover by François Dufrêne: to my friend Cobbboing Cob Bobbing Bob Cobbing Cobbingbob (we are co-being)
-With Invitation to Festival d'Art d'avant Garde Paris Nov.Déc.1960
Directed by Robert Estivals. This periodical marks the transition from
Lettrisme and
Hypergraphie Isouienne to
Signisme. Contribs. by R. Estivals, Isidore Isou, Jacques de la Villeglé, François Dufrêne, Suzanne Bernard, Lattanzi, a.o.; The third issue (which has 4 pp only) is:"Prologue au Manifeste du Signisme", Lettriste",arde', (8 pp.), No. 7 carries a large announcement for the 'Première exposition du Signisme' (8 pp.)