The magazine

Nos. 1 (October 1978) through 4 (1981) (all published). New York: Smegmania Productions, Iglust Productions, etc., 1978 - 1981. A complete set in four issues, (No.1 :28 pages incl green cover; No. 2: 24 pages incl.cover in blue and red; No. 3: 28 pages wrappers, plus additions " Hot Dog, You Bet!" 45 rpm flexi-disc", an unpeeled set of "Smegma: the Magazine" stickers and paper Insert Hot Dog with Cavellini sticker; No 4: 24 pages, b/w cover wirth 2 additional paper inserts "Page torn from the Bible" and "Moot Point"). - Plus: "A Supple MintTwo", 6 pages, smaller size,21,5x17cm, released after no.2 and before no 3. - Plus: Art Calender: "Fallout Smegma", 12 sheets, 35x21,5 different colour per month, plus front-sheet, held together by 2 metal rings to allow to turn the monthly pages. In excellent condition, only a small tear to front sheet. Calender one of limited edition (96/500).

EUR 3,000.00

Smegmanagers: Torridzone Igloo, Scarlatina Lust, contribs. Jim Howley, John Potter, Lester Burg, Spaz Turner, Joan Scholvin, Tuli Kupferberg, Buster Cleveland, Bart Plantenga, a.o.; number 3 complete with the flexi disk (Igloo&Lust. "Hot dog, you bet !". Engineering/production Jack Friedman, with the leaflet by Achille Cavellini) and together with the loosely inserted 4to sheet of 33 self-adhesive labels, each with a different illustration. One of the first montage-style punkzines. Includes some original drawings by Tuli Kupferberg (of the Fugs) etc., with collage and mail-art. The Calender pages each month done by other one of the contributors.