- Announcement Flyer: Single sheet of colored 8 1/2 x 11 paper announcing the publication of Tuli Kupferberg's Birth #3 plus a new publication called SWING and another publication by Birth Press entitled YEAH. Sheet is a bit tanned with age, has a closed tear and has some faint folds. Overall very good condition of this rare piece of Birth Press ephemera.,
-Together with complete sets of the three periodicals from the announcement:
- BIRTH. Nos. 1, 2, 3, (all publ.), in 4 parts. New York, 1958-1960. Original stapled photographic wrappers. The first near fine with a small corner crease to the front cover and a tiny ink price to first leaf, other issues fine. The third issue was published in two volumes. The second issue has two covers, and the original prospectus laid in.
- SWING. Numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 (all publ). New York, Birth Press, Winter 1960-Fall 1961.Spine stapled in original photographic wrappers. Spine of no. 4 lightly faded, otherwise all in excellent condition. Each ab. 40 pages.
- YEAH. Numbers 1-10 (all publ). New York. Original stapled (collaged) wrappers. Together with: Fuck for Peace, single sheet, privately printed, n.d. (1965). (Faint stamp on front cover of no 2, otherwise good and clean set).December 1961-1962.( No. 10: Kill for Peace, together with the rare supplement Fuck for Peace. Very good collection, quite rare together.). Laid in No. 3 a prospectus of Birth Press publications.

EUR 4,000.00

Published by "Birth Press", edited by Tuli Kupferberg, with Sylvia Topp, Stella Tohl, Bill Rice, James Frankfort, Ray Johnson, Norman Solomon. Roneotyped, with numerous illustrations and interesting lay-out. No.1: Tuli with Ray Johnson. "Notes towards a Theory of Bohemianism, drawing by Tuli and by Ray Johnson (the Art Editor); contributions by L. Jones and D. Di Prima; No. 2: Summer 1959. Children's Writings. Contributions from Anais Nin (childhood diaries), Walter Lowenfells, Barbara Moraff, Henry Miller's 16-year-old daughter, etc.; No. 3 (The Stimulants Issues) was published in 2 parts, both devoted to various drugs, from early Egyptian and Classical Greek to 1960's (Ginsberg Diary entries, Ted Joans first poem, 1940'4 anti-marijuana poster). SWING is a collection of children's writings, intermixed with woodcuts by Tuli Kupferberg and other artwork. Ostensively anthologies of children's writings, but all intermixed with antique woodcuts and Tuli's savage but gentle humor, YEAH Includes contributions by (i.a.): B. Brecht, Y.Yevtushenko, A.Sillitoe, C.Farllon, C.Forsberg, B.Shay, K.Herz, S.Morland, A.Kaye, K.Mayamoto, E.O'Brien, T.Kupferberg, etc. : No. 1: December 1961. Offset lithograph printed on one side,and mimeograph printed on the reverse, blue,red,black and white. (28,3 x 21,5 cm). Folded,. Back cover: L.Kotkovsky, rubber stamped. No. 2: A satyric excursion published at will (laid in: prospectus announcing no. 3); No. 3: The mild power subdues; No. 4: September 1962. Includes an authentic reproduction of KILLL! Magazine July 1962; No.5: Gala Xmas Number; No.6: A frigid wife ruined me; No.7: A look at the white problem; No. 8-9: True Professions 1 & 2; No. 10: Kill for Peace, together with the rare supplement Fuck for Peace. Very good collection, quite rare together. Laid in No. 3 a prospectus of Birth Press publications.

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