Nos. 1-5 (all publ.). San Francisco, Sept.1975-1981. Complete set in 3 issues roy. 8vo., 1 gramophone record and a box with photographs. Limited ed. of 1000 copies. Rare complete set. Very good to pristine condition, only no. 1 with very light damage to the edges.

EUR 2,000.00

Edited by Tom Marloni, curator of the Museum of Conceptual Art in San Francisco. -No. 1: California -No. 2: Eastern Europe. -No. 3: New York. -No. 4: Word of Mouth, prepared talks by 12 artists (Laurie Anderson, Daniel Buren, John Cage etc.).Complete with pamphlet describing Vision and the meeting; -No. 5: Artists' Photographs. With the collaboration of: Claes Oldenburg, Ed. Ruscha, Daniel Buren, John Cage, Georges Maciunas, Hans Haacke, Carl Andre, Lawrence Weiner, Wolf Vostell, a.o.