Nos. 1-54. Whittier, Cal., 1977-1987. Unbound, original wrappers, spine stapled. At first 21,5x17,5 (18-20 pages), after no. 7 enlarging to 28x22 and expanding to 32 pages; expanding again after no 29, 40 pages and glossy colour covers. Till no 22 b/w mimeographed, after no 23 some colour added to covers and occasionally inside, no 29 onw printed in offset. With only occasional minor wear in some of the later issues, this set is in overall excellent condition.

EUR 10,000.00

Originally published as "Los Angeles Flipside" , then just "Flipside", from no 29 as "Flipside Fanzine", without a doubt the rarest and most important run that was ever on the market. The crucial first decade of this seminal LA Punk/Rock fanzine, together with Slash the defining documents of the early LA punk scene. Whereas Slash sets can be assembled with some patience, a complete run of Flipside borders on the impossible thanks to the scarcity of the early issues. Flipside issues no. 1 and no. 3 rank among the rarest and most sought-after US punk fanzines. The set concludes with a copy of the 10th Anniversary issue no.54) which includes highlights and excellent print histories for the magazine's first decade. Flipside continued publishing until 2000, but not with such important contributors and bands of this early period. (note: the second issue label 52 is actually 53). No. 16 is a compilation of earlier issues. Features Eulogy, Punk Roq, Germs, Clash, Waesels, Iggy, Fashion Show, Dead Boys, Dave Trout (Weirdos), Zippers, Spastics, Rodney Bingenheimer, Backstage Pass, Runaways, Masque, The Quick, Skulls, Bags, F-Word, Sex Pistols, Zeros, Screamers, Needles & Pins, Alley Cats, and many more.

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