Complete run of 8 issues spanning the period 1977-1997: all with confusing numbering: no.1, no.2, no.3, no.3A and no.3B. Cleveland/Ohio, 1977-1981. At first 29x21cm, then tabloid, folded 29x20 cm, then 40 pages newsprint 29x20 cm, all b/w,occasional colour on covers; thicker and with flexidisc included nos. 3A and B. Then resurrected in 1995 with issue no.3.x followed by issue no.4.0 in 1996 and no.5 in 1997 (each with one or more CD's included, mint copies, still in the original protextive foil.
Complete run of this creative Cleveland punk magazine!. Coverage and contributors include Pere Ubu, Devo, Pagans, Electric Eels, Tin Huey and more! Some issues (e.g. the first) are very scarce.

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