Tijdschrift voor spatialisme (Later: Tijdschrift voor evolutieve poëzie).

Nos. 1-6 (all publ.). Ed. F. Vanderlinde, Rotterdam, 1966-1967. Orig. wrappers (slight wear on the spines and front cover no 1 lightly stained).)

EUR 3,500.00

Ed. by Frans Vanderlinde, journal for "evolutive poetry", concrete poetry etc.),roneotyped ,with orig. art supplements and graphics; illustrated covers designed by L. Peire, Jan Snoeck (silkscreens). Also numbered as Year 6 nos. 2-3 and Year 7 nos. 4 & 6, since the editor continued the numbering of the periodical "Kentering" (which he left after Year 5). Subtitle of no. 3 "Pour le souffle humain", Subtitle of no. 4 "Pour le soufle créateur". Contribs. include: Hansjörg Mayer, H. Clavin, H. Damen, P. Garnier, M. Seuphor, Paul de Vree, Ivo Vroom, Marcel Maele, Herman de Vries, Molitor, Ian Hamilton Finlay, Arthur Petronio, Frans Vanderline a.o.