Nos. 1-29 (all publ.). London, 1969-1971, continued as:
FRENDZ. Nos. 1-35 (all publ.). London, May 1971-Sept. 1972. Tabloid, except no 2 which is 4to; newsprint; unbd. (also numbered :FRIENDS Nos. 1-28 (London: December 1969-May 3, 1971) / FRENDZ No. 1 (ie. No.29 of Friends) - No.35 all published). Printed in b./w with occasional colouring. (63 issues). Condition generally good to very good, only occasional light staining and discoloration of the paper.
Underground paper which started off as the British edition of Rolling Stone; No. 1 of 'Frendz' is identical to no. 29 of the precursor. Edited by Alan Marcuson, later by Jerome Burn and John May (includes the Great British Catalogue, which is equivalent to the U.S. Whole Earth Catalogue).
Frendz was formed when Friends went into liquidation, and under Jerome Burne and John May it became known for its in-depth coverage of all aspects of the alternative society. It was a rival to IT and OZ.
Extensive coverage of music (especially local heroes Hawkwind and the Pink Fairies, and the newly-burgeoning rock festivals they and others like them played at - Bath, Isle of Wight, Phun City, Glastonbury, Bickershaw, etc.), as well as all aspects of the drug culture; the Oz trial; the occult; ecology (including Whole Earth catalogue supplements); the Notting Hill scene (of which the paper formed an intrinsic part); the White Panthers; etc.
Main contributors include David May, Barney Bubbles, Jonathon Green, Rosie Boycott, Pennie Smith, Heathcote Williams, Nick Kent, Stanislaw Demidjuk, Charles Radcliffe, David Widgery, Felix de Mendelssohn, Charles Bukowski, Michael Moorcock, Robert Calvert. Interviews with JG Ballard, William Burroughs, Wavy Gravy, John & Yoko, the MC5, AJ Weberman, Mo Tucker & Doug Yule, and Kate Millet.

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