Elysium Institute Quarterly Bulletin.

Nos 1-4 (=Vol,1, complete). Elysium Inc., Los Angeles, 1967-Spring 1968. 28x21,5 cm., stapled, each issue 70 pages in coloured wrappers. Offset B&W and color. (small imperfection to top of spine no 2, otherwise in excellent condition).
Magazine edited by Ed Lange, founder of the early nudist Elysium Institute (named for the ancient Egyptian symbol for life). He attempted to blend naturism, sexual freedom and the burgeoning hippie movement: "Fed on a scientific diet of psilocybin and lysergic acid, it now thrives to the consternation of the generation which gave it life. From San Franciso's Haight-Ashbury to New York's East Village...the Love Generation is in full swing" (from the editorial in the first issue, which contains numerous photos of nudists enjoying the nudist lifestyle, indoors and out, and the first part of an interview with Barry McGuire and his wife at their Topanga Canyon home). The journal includes features like Wonders of the Body; Who's your sex authority; The Return to Paganism; Absurdities of Censorship; To Court with Love, The day love went on trial, etc. Very free nude photography a.o. by Ed Lange, (1920 - 7 May 1995) an American author of several classic nudist pictorial books. Vice-President of the International Naturist Federation. His free love ideals placed him in the sexual revolution movement of the 1960s and 1970s. The second issue of this "educational, scientific, sociological and cultural publication which illustrates the conviction that the human body is clean and wholesome" includes 12pp. on the "The Love Book" obscenity trial; a history of censorship; the second part of the Barry McGuire interview; more. The third issue features articles on communal living in Big Sur; experiments in nude psychotherapy near Escondido, California (22pp.) and hydropsychotherapy. The fourth issue includes "What Hath LSD/God/LSD Wrought?", a 9pp. colour and b/w photo-feature on the hippie counterculture and acid use, including a visit to the Drop City commune; "Thoreau" The First Hippie" (10pp.); "The Utopian Dream: Can The Modern Communes Succeed?" (13pp.); "Youth Rebellion" (8pp.), a feature on the Hippies and Diggers in the Haight, Freaks in LA, Provos in Amsterdam; "Love in the Haight" (8pp.); and more.

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