The Magazine in a Box.

Nos. 1-10 (complete set) including no. 6A. New York, 1965- Winter/Spring 1971. All in the original boxes and portfolios. All inserts are present, also those for 6A, (with the original mailing envelop present).
- No 5/6 (the White box) unusually fresh and clean, complete with all the supplements, THE ORIGINAL FILM REEL , the flex-discs, etc.;
- No. 7 (British Box) in fine condition (still flat and undamaged).
- No. 10 (Oriental Box) the rarest number, still flat and undamaged as issued.
TOGETHER with (the original edition and Precursor to Aspen Magazine No. 6A)
- MANIPULATIONS. Editor: John Hendricks. New York, Judson Gallery, 1967. One of 500 copies . Loose materials laid into the original printed folder. A series of works edited by John Hendricks, intact printed envelope (26,5x18,5 cm, cover designed by Ralph Ortiz, in good condition, some wear and small tears on the opening side and lower edges).

EUR 12,000.00

An exceptionally good set of he first three dimensional magazine, edited by Phyllis Johnson, inspired on the multi-media character of vanguard art of the 60's. A typical issue contains an assortment of booklets in various sizes and types, reproductions, broadsheets, film-reels, photographs, scrolls, and recordings on flex- discs kept in a box. Aspen is also multi-media in content, in that various arts are represented in each issue; it exemplifies the 1960's search for a total experience via a breakdown of traditional categories; it is an exuberant, pretentious magazine. Contributors Include John Cage Ed, Ruscha, Duchamp, Finlay, Paik, Burroughs, Oldenburg, John Lennon/Yoko Ono, etc.; each issue had another designer (such as Andy Warhol or Quentin Flore).The collation is difficult, and the content of the loose leaf advertising section differs in all sets.
No. 1: designed by George Lois, Tom Courtos, Ralph Tuzzo (tiny scratch to the front)
No. 2: design Frank Kirk.
No. 3: the Fab-issue, designed by
Andy Warhol & David Calton (tiny damage to the spine);
No. 4: Marshall McLuhan-issue, designed by Quentin Fiore. (small clean repair to the spine)
No. 5/6: Brian O'Doherty, David Dalton, Lynn Letterman; complete with the 5 flexidisks ( with Marcel Duchamp). This white box in unsual good, clean condition. Complete with the very rare film reel: Four Films by Four Artists. Reel of super-8 film, comprising four film clips: Hans Richter Rhythm 21. Laszlo Moholy-Nagy Lightplay (excerpt).Robert Morris and Stan VanDerBeek Site (excerpt) Robert Rauschenberg Linoleum (excerpt).
No. 6A: The Judson Manipulations (this issue was distributed only to the subscribers in New York;contents kept in the mailing original mailing envelope. With wear of having been through the mail and opened on one side, but very rare).
No. 7 : British Box. comp. by Mario Amaya, design John Kosh. This fragile box in unusual excellent condition, still flat the way it was mailed.
No. 8: Art/Information/Science, ed. Dan Graham/design George Maciunas (one item in xerox). Light wear on the edges;
No. 9: Dream Weapon, ed. Angus & Hetty MacLise (light soilage to edges)
No. 10: Devoted to oriental art, design Nori Sinoto. The rarest volume. (this misses sections 13 (not published cf. the UBU-index, No 14 is an order form only,we have it in copy)

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