Kunst, Kritik, Kontakte.

Jg. 1-3 no 4. Baden (Agis Verlag), Feb. 1960 - Okt. 1963. Original stapled issues; large folio; illustrations & photographs. Most issues folded once, with occasional wear over the folds.

EUR 1,000.00

Edited by Alexander Leisberg and Heinz Rehn. Very informative art journal publ. by the Agis Verlag till vol. 3 no 6 (April 1964). The journal devotes its attention to the contemporary modern art and the avant-garde of the twenties & thirties. Articles and features on Arp, Lucio Fontana, Bernard Buffet, Hans Richter, Mark Tobey, Biennale Venedig, Sonderborg, etc. Then continued as Kunst, years 1964-1969, then: Magazin Kunst, 1970-1976, from 1977 onwards entitled: Kunstmagazin.