RADIO ART: -RIDDER, Willem de and LEVY, William. Radio Art. Amst., Gallery 'A', 1981. 4to. Orig. wrappers (sl. soiled). Illustr. b/w. folded 3 times; Onvitation Nov/Dec 1979. * Text in English. - Radio Art Gids/Guide. Utrecht, Knippenberg, 1981. Orig. wrappers. Illustr. b/w. 62 p. - Radio Art. The end of the Graven Image.16 pp incl. illustrated covers. (4to; published by Gallery A, Amsterdam). (2 copies) -2 Invitations concerning 'Radio Art'. 1982, 1986. Diff. sizes. * 1982: Eindhoven, Apollohuis; 1986: Berlin, Daadgal

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