Number 1. Wie zijn nek uitsteekt haalt zich het leven op de hals. Lijfblad voor Radikale Traditionalisten. Undated, ca. 1978. Tabloid on newsprint.(out of 4 issues published). Together with: NTERNATIONAL REFLECTIONS POST. Not published with the New York Post and the Washington Times. No. 1. Amst., 13 febr. 1987. Tabloid format. Illustr. b/w. 8 p. * Texts in Dutch. - Edited and designed by Willem de Ridder. - All published? (a promnotional piece for a fashion store.

EUR 500.00

"Willem de Ridder Krant". Publication by Willem de Ridder, founder of Hitweek/Aloha, Suck, and many other publications. Also Dutch member of "Fluxus". This newspaper published by NYX Global, and Radio Art Foundation, Alerx.Boersstraat 30 Amsterdam. Numerous risky erotic/pornographic photographs and articles by De Ridder and others on a wider variety of topics.