Nos. 1 - 7 (all publ.) plus a supplement: "The Trials of N.T. ". London, Bloom Publications Ltd. April 1971-Winter 1972. 28x21cm., stapled in colourful wrappers, 50pp each, very light traces of use but still an excellent set.
Underground comic produced by Mick Farren and Paul Lewis. The first issue reproduced Robert Crumb's centrespread drawing from his own comic Snatch #1, and was busted for obscenity. Further contributions by Rob Crumb, Gilbert Shelton, Skip Williamson, Edward, V. Bodé and others. "The Trials of Nasty Tales" was drawn by Ed Barker. The notorious trial lasted for nine days and included George Perry and Germaine Greer as defence witnesses, Nasty Tales and its staff were found not guilty. The Trials of Nasty Tales reprinted Crumb's orgy scene including the Judges, drawn by Ed Barker. "It was the first obscenity trial of a comic book in British history, and the only trial that the underground press can remember winning" (International Times).

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