A Palm Beach Production / Made in Switzerland. (Continuing Palm Beach News)

- Annoucement of the new title: 4 pages sampling No. 2: including a poster calender and an inserted postcard to ask for the full issue, followed by - Nos. 2-7 (the complete appearance under this title) and a - Number 8 which was published as FLITZ FLYING MAGAZINE. (The first issue was published as 'Palm Beach News'). Basel, November/ December 1976 - November 1977, No. 8 dated 1982.Tabloid size, folded once, With numerous photographs.

EUR 1,500.00

(Formerly: Palm Beach News, only No.1 published)). Well presented trendy (mostly) photography magazine edited by Beat Presser and Rolf Paltzer, who were the art directors. Nicely laid-out, well designed magazine. This is the sequel to a publication called "Palm Beach News" of which ony a number 1 appeared (Nov./Dec. 1976, not offered here. No. 2: Exclusive Fashion Photography (Paris). Photography by Claude Guillemin, Peter Knapp, Laurence Sackman etc.; (Together with No.2 Annoucement, 4 pages). No. 3: Architecture, Fashion. Photography by Beat Presser, Gunar Larson, Dorotea Quarella, Sackman, Lothar Schmid, Knut Bry, Georg Staerk; Cover: Friedrich Rawyler; large poster by Jo Francki unfolding in the middlespread; No. 4: Movie Issue with Klaus Kinski, Daniel Schmid, Maria Schneider. Shortstories. Experimentalfilm. Fashion; No. 5: UFO's, Soucoupes volantes, YALTA (Chess for three) etc.; photographs of flying saucers etc. from the collection Lou Zinsstag, Basel. Poster by John Thornton; No. 6: Punk Rock, Reggae, Charles Bukowski, Exchange. Photography by Jean Philippe Daulte, Karen Knorr, Annette Weatherman etc.) Poster by Paul Roberts; No. 7: First half of the 20th century. Photography by Francis Hoffmann, Ralph Gibson, etc.; poster by Brion Gysin. No. 8: FLITZ FLYING MAGAZINE. Werner Herzog Magazine (with Klaus Kinski, Claudia Cardinale and Indios).

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