Nos. 1-8 (all publ.). New York, NY, Wedge Press, 1982-1985. Orig.wrappers, 22,5x22 cm. (small stain on frontcover of no 1, small defect to bottom-spine no 3/5; but altogether a very good set)
Edited by Phil Mariani and Brian Wallis. With numerous illustrations, b/w; text in two columns. No. 1: An Aesthetic Inquiry”72pp. Contributors: Art Papier (Interview with Joseph Beuys), G.A.A.G., Jenny Holzer, Jonathan Crary a.o. No. 2:The Spectacle” 74pp. Contributors: Richard Prince. Guy Debord, Pat Thomson, Michael Oblowitz, Jonathan Crary, Barbara Krugera.o. No. 3/4/5: Partial Texts: Essays & Fictions: 14 booklets, different format in folder. Kathy Acker, Silvia Kobowski, Nan Becker, Reese Williams, Mathew Geller, Richard Milazzo, Roberta Allen, Theresa H.K. Cha, Harry Condoleon, John Fekner, Candace Hill, Gary Indiana, Sarah Charlesworth and Phil Mariani. No. 6: Sexuality : Re/Positions. Guest editor: Silvia Kolbowski. 72pp. Contributors: Victor Burgin, Jean-François Lyotard, Judith Barrya.o. No. 7/8:The Imperialism of Representation, The Representation of Imperialism” 131pp. Contributors: Edward Said, Jurgen Habermas, Noam Chomsky, Jonathan Crary, Edward Herman, Gayatri Spivak, Jean-Luc Godard a.o.

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