"The Mechanism of Brainbloodvolume ('BBV')" (also known as "Homo Sapiens Correctus")

[Bart Huges] "Homo sapiens correctus" -(The Mechanism of brain Blood Volume). (Amsterdam, 1964), PUBLISHED IN THE FORM OF A SCROLL, text around 10 illustrations, titles in red felttip-pen, illustrations handcoloured in yellow, red and blue felttip-pen , title handwritten in red felttip-pen with signature at the lower end of the scroll: "Amsterdam, Bart Huges" and the note "Made in prison. Copy rights fl.100.000,-"

EUR 3,500.00

Famous document from the 1960s.
'The Scroll of Bart Huges'. (The man who peirced his head with a dentist's drill, ) together with other publications by and around Bart Huges. Huges advocates the creation of an altered state of mind concurrent with the use of LSD and marihuana.)
His experiences after this psychedelic hallucinating experiment are recorded in this scroll, which is illustrated by 'scientific' images, which are handcoloured. The 'third eye' was revealed during a Happening "Stoned in the Streets' in Amsterdam, 1965.

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