Collection of 9 original b/w photographs, all 14,7 x 10,5 cm, of which 7 photographs of Provo actions and protests around the statue "Het Lieverdje" (Spui Amsterdam) and 2 of the Ant-Vietnam Protests on Dam square. All stamped on the backside "Copyright Candid Pix Press Service, Amsterdam" and each with handwritten explanatory texts by the journalist Henk J. Meier.
Explaining texts on th back of the photographs : - Provo's white bicycle happening - Striptease of Provo puber/painter - Provo pubers + retarded pubers painting bicyles with white paint - Provo assembly around "Het Lieverdje" chased by the police - Saturday night demonstration around "Het Lieverdje", coughing the Ugh-Ughe and carrying flowers - Fight with empty vegetable cans - Provo's (or "Nozems") marchuing with red Image banner - Picture of poster & pamphlet from the Provo riot, Roel van Duyns anarchists, 4 were arrested, and the "Klaus Pampflet", censored picture of Bernhard - 2 photographs of demonstration on Dam Square 6 Aug 1965 commemmorating 20-yers ago A-bombs on Japan,and commemoration meeting in Krasnapolsky (De Derde Weg; Kerk & Rede; Pacifist group Pax Crhtisti, Young Socialists", etc.

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