Vol. 1 No. 1 - Vol. 4 No. 4 (all publ.) March 1968 - May 1969 (New York, The Hearst Co.Together 15 issues, complete set). Includes the bonus items of the first 12 issues, last 3 did not have bonus items). Condition is vg to near fine, some issues have minute wear, but a pretty clean set, with only no 8 slightly waterstained.
John Lennon, Tom Wolfe, Bob Dylan and many others. Eye Magazine was published by Hearst from 1968-1969: an interesting youth lifestyle / rock and roll magazine. Ed. Susan Edmiston (later Jeanette Sarkisian Wagner) & Helen Gurley Brown. Complete set (15 issues). The first 10 issues have posters intact, one is loose (with small paperloss). The 11th issue has the flexidisk record present but loose, the 12th issue has the Spiderman comic book present (but loose). The last three issues don’t have any bonus items. Complete hard to find with all inserts present. "EYE magazine, where hipness met consumerism, was a brief candle amidst the flickering lights of the 1960s". "An effort by the Hearst Corporation to cash on the exploding youth market in publishing: Glitz, glamour, and guys with money" EYE was well known for its high-quality inserts: *foldout posters of celebrities, a record, a comic book (Spiderman). Edited by Susan Szekely, Pete Hamill, Ed Sanders, Sally Wimmer, Michael Thomas, Charles Slack, John Gabree, Peter Swerdloff, Carig Karpel, Colin Bell, Lisa Wilson, Roy Novak, Al Ellenberg, Karla Kuskin, Nancy Weber, and others. Some features and names: Draft Women Now !, Psychedelic Color Poster, Jom Morrison, Mick Jasgger portrait poster, Jim Hendrix,Poster The Beatles, The Dylan Fgang, Tom Wolfe, John Lennen/Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Beach Boy, Candy Bergen, Steve McQueen, Rolling Stoness, Boy and the Pill, Dustin Hofman.