A Journal of Poetry (+ Behind The Wheel)

Superbly preserved complete set, fine to almost mint: ("C" - A Journal of Poetry): - Nos. 1-14 (Complete, less No. 12 which was never published, but substituted by C-Comics No 1), including - BEHIND THE WHEEL ("C" No. 14, by Michael Brownstein). New York: Lorenz Gude and Ted Berrigan, 1963-1967. Side stapled mimeographed sheets with wrappers or selfwrappers (35,4x21,5 cm, except for no. 14 which is 28x21,2 cm). In near fine to mint condition, detailed condition of issues at the end of footnote.
- TOGETHER WITH: C-COMICS 1-2 (cplt): Number 1. New York, C-Press, June 1964; folio, mimeographed, stapled; with: Number 2. New York, n.d. (ca. 1966), Boke Press. Sm.folio; pictorial wrappers, stapled in the spine. Both fine. This constitutes the complete appearance of both titles. Side stapled mimeographed sheets with wrappers or selfwrappers (35,4x21,5 cm, except for no. 14 which is 28x21,2 cm).
Landmark Beat magazine, one of the cornerstones of the 1960's mimeo revolution and poetry scene. "C" was founded to replace the short-lived "Censored Review," which gathered work that had been banned from The Columbia Review. Edited by Ted Berrigan and Ron Padgett. "C" became the organ of 'Second-Generation New York School' (and served as a bridge between the older and younger branches of both The Beats and The New York School). Includes Ginsberg, Burroughs, O'Hara, Koch, Schuyler, Ashbery, Whalen, Orlovsky, Corso, Pagdett, Wieners, Elmslie, Lima, Rothenberg, Gysin, Saroyan, O'Hara, Koch, Schuyler, Ashbery and others. The very scarce No. 4 was dedicated to Edwin Denby. It was designed by Andy Warhol and has on the covers the famed silk-screened images of Denby with Gerald Malanga. It marked the first time Warhol based a silkscreen on a polaroid, a technique that would become one of his defining methods in the 1970's. Most of the other covers are by Joe Brainard.
The Brownstein (No. 14) was published in 200 copies. There was no Number 12. Jed Birmingham, co-editor of Mimeo Mimeo, has quoted Ron Padgett as suggesting that "C" Comics No. 1 was intended in the place of issue 12 of C-Magazine;
Conditions: No. 1 Fine.
No. 2 Fine;
No. 3 Light toning to verso of last sheet, else fine;
No. 4 Touch of wear to fore-edge and spine, else fine. The Warhol cover about the best we have seen, the images on front and back cover clear and clean. The sheet on which the silkscreened polaroids were printed has shifted in the process, thus causing that the white stripe intended for the spine was displaced by a few cms to the front. Both images are identifiable, sharp and clear, in particular the kiss on the back cover. It is rare in this condition;
No. 5 Fine;
No. 6 Near fine;
No. 7 One tiny tear to fore-edge, else fine;
No. 8 Light bend to upper corner, else fine;
No. 9 Front cover a tiny bit soiled, else near fine;
No. 10 A few pale spots to front cover, else near fine;
No. 11 Fine;
No. 13: Fine;
No. 14 (Behind the Wheel): fine;
C-Comics No. 1: Near fine; No. 2: Fine.

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