A Journal of Activist Art (originally 1ST ISSUE. Published by PADD. Political Art Documentation/Distribution.

Numbers 1-14/15. Complete Set including the Winter 1986-7 Supplement Concrete Crisis. New York, February 1981-Winter 1986/87 (all published, first 2 issues under the title "1st ISSUE".). Very good,near mint condition; some issues with very small library stamp, 1 issue with mailing label on the back. The early issues have ca.18 pages, gradually enlarging to 84 pages in coloured covers.
Edited by Lucy Lippard and Miriam Borofsky, Elizabeth Kulas, PAD/D Political Art Documentation and Distribution. Dynamic journal of the artist's and artworker's activist group PADD, documenting in words and images subversive cultural activities of the Reagan & Bush years.
Texts and illustrations by Lucy Lippard, Nancy Angelo, Susan McCarn, A panel discussion on Art, Ideology and Education with Carol Duncan, Dan Newman,Tim Rollins, Ira Shor, Hans Haacke and others. Publication is irregular, as folows: 1st Issue #1 February 1981; 1st Issue #2 May-June 1981; Upfront #3 Dec/Jan 1981; Upfront #4 Feb/March 1982; Upfront #5 February 1983; Upfront #6-7 Summer 1983; Upfront #8 Winter 1983-4; Upfront #9 Fall 1984; Upfront #10 Fall 1985; Upfront #11 Winter 1985-86; Upfront #12-13 Winter 1986-7; Upfront Special Exhibition Supplement Concrete Crisis: Urban Images of the 80s Winter 1986-7; Upfront #14/15 Winter Spring 1987-88.
Contribs. incl. o.a. Charles Frederick, Margia Kramer, Irving Wexler, Anne Meiman, Keith Christensen, Lucy Lippard, Anne Pitrone, Stuart Garber. Covers by: Doug Ashford, Rachael Romero, Roberto Clemente, Jerry Kearns, Anton van Dalen, a.o. Articles incl.: Hispanic Art from Outrage; Cuban photopgraphy; Art against Apartheid; Not for Sale, The East Village Art Scene and the Lower East Side; Native American, Black and White Artists in search of democracy; no. 12/13 incl. "Concrete Crisis": Urban Images of the '80s (an exhibition of Street / Gallery Posters). First two issues entitled: '1st Issue'; the last double-issue subtitled: A Journal of Activist Art. '....P.A.D. is a left-to-socialist artists' resource and networking organization coming out of and into New York City. Our goal is to provide artists with an organized relationship to society, to demonstrate the political effectiveness of image making ....'

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