PARIS MAI. (by J. GERZ, J.F. BORY and A. HUBSCHMID) Agentzia 3

PARIS MAI. La Nuit du 13 mai 68. Published as Agentzia No. 3 (Paris-Mai) by J. GERZ, J.F. BORY and A. HUBSCHMID. Paris, Small Press Scene; 30x30cm; published in the format of a longplaying record-cover with photograph of the May rebellion on the front. A near mint copy, very rare in this condition.

EUR 800.00

Photograph on the font cover, text on the back cover, also extracts from Le Monde. Inside are two cardboard disks mounted on a cardboard underground with texts and photographs related to the May rebellion; one disk is 'Reaction', the other 'Revolution', each with cut-out windows, which by turning the disks around a center-pin reveal the pictures and corresponding texts of Paris-Mai (May 3-22 1968).