A set of 10 consecutive issues (from 11 published in total, thus altogether complete except for vol.2 no 6). Comprised are: - Nos. 1 - 4. New York Spring 1970 - Summer 1971. (each 6-8 double sheets of 57x36 cm for the first 3 numbers , no 4 39,5x28 cm. , 3 + 24 + 16 pages , in original cover by Ant Farm. Library stamp (ex New Mexico Univ) on nos 3 and 4 , else in excellent condition,with only very moderate wear on the edges. - together with: - No 5. New York, Gordon & Breach. 1972. 120 pages, 30x22,5 cm. Original. pict. wrappers, light to moderate wear to corners and edges(on cover: and The Realistic Hope Foundation. -together with: -Volume 2, number 1. New York: Gordon & Breach, Science Publishers, Inc., 1972. Quarto, 72 pages, illustrated throughout. Illustrated wrappers by Ira Schneider. Discreet trace of tape on top front wrapper + former library stamp on title page, otherwise fine. -Volume 2, number 2. New York, Spring 1973, (30x23 cm). 64 pages; stapled. Orig.covers (somewhat yellowed). - Volume 2 ,number 3. Video City. Designed and edited by Phillip G Gietzen. Changing Channels. 64 pp, in orig.,wrappes (lightlwear on the wrappers, otherwise very good). -Volume 2 , number 4. Published by Gordon and Breach, New York, 1973 Solid State. (contribs: Vic Gioscia, Milton Berger, Bob Sandidge, Michael Shamberg et al.) (this issue with light wear). -Volume 2, number 5. . Published by Gordon and Breach.1973. Video an Envrironment. (Juan Downey, Frank Gilette, Beryl Korot, Ira Schneider). (Vol.2 no 6 was the last published, but not present in this set).

EUR 6,000.00

The rare original edition of this early video art publication, probably the earliest publication on the use of video as an artistic and political medium, edited by Beryl Korot, Phyllis Gershuny, Michael Shamberg.
No.3: "Grassroots Television", titlepage illustrated by Andy Poynor. No. 4 edited by Beryl Korot with Megan Williams: "Raindance", cover illustrated by Ant Farm. All 4 numbers with contributions of Ira Schneider. With No. 5 of vol. 1 the periodical switches to commercial distribution by Gordon & Breach (1972) Editors: Dudley Evenson, Michael Shamberg, assoc.editor Beryl Korot Vol. 2 no 1:Changing Channels.
Vol. 2 no 2: The TV Environment by Beryl Korot & Ira Schneider "A celebration of 1950s and 60s broadcast Television. Chronicles the careers of Dennis James and Bill 'Gray. This issue, from the minimal front cover to the off-screen image of Tex Antoine on the back cover has an informational conceptual art look". On the editor: " Beryl Korot is an internationally exhibited artist first known for her early pioneer work in video art, and for multiple channel work in particular. She was co-founder and co-editor of Radical Software (1970), the first publication to document artists' work and ideas concerning video….." Publication continued till vol. 2 no 6. See: Gwen Allen, p.289

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