A pamphlet of 8 sheets, folio, stencilled, with typewritten texts by Nicolaas Kroese, 1. to the Ministry of Public Health in The Hague (Aan Zijne Excellentie Dr. A.J.H,.Bartels), addressed to Kankerinstuituut in Amsterdam, and 2. a letter to Deutsche Krankenversicherungs AG in Stuttgart, 3. a letter to the 3 Jewish communities in Amsterdam (undated, but ca. 1964).

EUR 200.00

Contents relate to alternative cures for Cancer, different kinds of radiation ("mito-genetic radiation", sic!) and the development of a device to undo radiation ("phylax entstrahlungs-geraet"), and much more. Also a letter to the thee Jewish communities in Amsterdam, regarding "Biblical mathematics,geometry,Pythagorese harmony theory, harmonious and disharmonious mathematics, etc."