(Originally published as KAF). Literair avant-garde tijdschrift.

Nos. 1-16, incl. Nr. 12 1/2 (Index). Leiden, jan-feb. 1958- november 1963, and New series No. 1-3 (all?). All in the original illustrated wrappers (except no 1-2 without wrappers), a good clean set; of 20 numbers. Most wrappers beige with illustrations inside and outside in black, after no 9 coloured card, some printed in colour. Complete (or almost complete) set , quite rare.

EUR 1,800.00

Founded by Herman Cohen Jehoram, with contributions by Rudi Fuchs, Paul Verhoeven, Kees Broos, Ben d'Armagnac, Peter Berger, Alex van Caspel, Rob Cassuto, Wim Hazeu, John Leefmans, Tromp Meesters, Laurens Vancrevel, Kees Holierhoek, Tjeerd Segaar, Pim de Vroomen, M.J.Koornstra (Reizende Bladen 67). Nr. 12 1/2 is the index to all issues. Illustrations by Paul Luning, Paul Verhoeven, Niek Biegman, Hans Locher, Rudi Fuchs (No.13)

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