Hexágono '71. Nos. 1-13 (all published). La Plata, Argentina, 1971-1975. In the original envelopes, 28 x 25.5 cm, as issued. (Comprising Nos. a, ab, ac, bc, bd, be, cd, ce, cf, de, df, dg and e). Light soilage to some of the issues, light wear to some edges and left lower corner of a few issues with a small damp stain,but altogether an excellent set of this fragile publication, internally fine. The pre-final issue (12) has the banderolle 'Auto-Censurado' attached and unopened. Edited by Edgardo Antonio Vigo. Visual-poetry and avant-garde publication from Argentina, the successor to DIAGONAL CERO which was published from 1962-1969 by Vigo. The numbering is done by letter combination. Each envelope contains several (partly colored) prints, leaflets, pamphlets, collages; sometimes with punched holes. Visual poetry, conceptual art, political statements (opposing the Argentinian dictatorship) by (a.o.) Clemente Padin, Ginzburg, Edgardo A. Vigo (a.o.: comic-strip & 'La Calle: escenario del arte actual'); J.C. Romero, D. Higgins, K. Groh, J. Blaine, F. Vaccari, A. Alloatti, Pauline Smith. Issue cd is entitled 'Arte Argentino de Vanguardia'.
a. 1971. 5 sheets. Contributions by Vigo, Carlos Ginzburg, Jochen Gerz and Germano Celant. Includes a leporello by Vigo (with text by Burne Hogarth on verso) and his 'Souvenir de Viet-nam' piece with an attached transparent envelope. Condition: stain and some creasing on cover. Interior very good.
ab. 1971. 6 items. Contributions by Vigo, Clemente Padín, Klaus and Renate Groh, Jochen Gerz. Includes 3 typed sheets by Gerz and Groh; 1 print by Padin on pink paper titled 'Signografia VII'; 2 pieces by Vigo both featuring 2 cards attached with orange string ('Solution' and 'Contemplates'). Condition: light age spotting on cover else very good.
ac. 1971. 6 sheets. Contributions by Vigo and Dick Higgins. Includes 2 sheets with perforation holes (one with string attachment) by Higgins. Condition: Sheets have a small dog ear on lower left corner. The cover shows a bend at the same lower left corner and some staining on other lower corner.
bc. 1972. 10 sheets. Contributions by Hans Kalkman, Julien Blaine, Klaus Groh, Henry Targowski, Vigo, Moacy Cirne. Envelope with punched holes. Includes 2 works by Vigo, both with punched holes, one with a card attached by string. Moacy Cirne's text piece features a small collage of a Peanuts cartoon. Condition: the sheets by Kalkmann, Blaine, Groh and Targowski have a very small stain in one corner. The cover also shows this stain and very light age spotting.
bd. 1972. 11 items. Contributions by Vigo, Robin Crozier, Lido Iacopetti, Annalisa Alloati. Includes a printed envelope by Vigo containing 3 tickets; one rubber stamped envelope by Crozier (with original drawing) holding 3 cards; an original felttip drawing by Iacopetti; 5 beautiful perforation works by Vigo ('Analisis de espacios poetics ’72'). Also loose inlaid is a tiny ticket signed 91/100 and 10/100, possibly belonging to Crozier’s envelope. Condition: very good. Tiny spot on Vigo’s envelope. Cover envelope shows a small stain in one corner.
be. 1972. 11 items. Contributions by Vigo, Betty Radin, Anna Esposito, Mirella Bentivoglio. Envelope with perforation holes. Contains a comic strip by Vigo, consisting of 6 loose sheets in a folder. Condition: very good, regular aging on envelope.
cd. 1973. 12 sheets. Contributions by Vigo, Carlos Ginzburg, Horacio Zabala, Juan Bercetche, Luis Pazos, Marcos Paley, Eduardo Leonetti, Juan Carlos Romero. Envelope has title card attached with string and rubberstamp 'Arte Argentino de Vanguardia 1973'. Condition: Regular aging on envelope. Pronounced toning and wear along the edges of one sheet by Vigo entitled 'Inocente culpable', all other sheets are very good.
ce. 1973. 9 items. In envelope with title label and card attached with string. Contributions by G. Deisler, Vigo, Nicholas Zurbrugg, Horacio Zabala, Nicola Andreace and Michele Perfetti, Guillermo Deisler. Contains an envelope by Zabala stamped 'explotacion' with a string attached card; a large folded poster 'Fusilados en trelew el 22 de agosto de 1972'. Condition: very good, regular aging on envelope.
cf. 1973. 13 items. In envelope with title label card attached with string and rubberstamped text 'Investigacion de la Realidad Nacional'. Contributors: Vigo, Horacio Zabala, Carlos Ginzburg. Includes a catalogue 'Arte Argentino De Vanguardina' No.1 1973' containing 10 loose sheets with documentation about the participating artists Benveniste, Leonetti, Pazos, Romero, Vigo and Zabala. Condition: Zabala's sheet 'Ernesto Che Guevara' has a horizontal fold, other sheets are very good. Regular aging on envelope.
de.1974. 12 items. In green folder with collaged title information, stamped 'Trelew'. Contributions by Vigo, Horacio Zabala, Jorge Glusberg, Luis Pazos, Juan Bercetche. Attached to the inner cover is an envelope (with content) titled 'Kitsch'. Includes a folded poster; silkscreened postcard 'mathematic poem censured, 1974' by Vigo; a stamped newspaper work by Zabala; CAYC flyers amongst others. Condition: Cover shows browning and wear around the edges, with a tear of c. 5 cm along the spine. others sheets are fine.
df. 1974. 14 items. In green folder with collaged title information, stamped 'Libres o Muertos Jomas Esclavos'. Contributors: Vigo, Juan C. Romero, Eduardo Leonetti, Jorge Glusberg, Endre Tót, Horacio Zabala, Amelia Toledo, Michael Joseph Phillips, Guillermo Deisler, Clemente Padin, Chuck Stake. Card stamped 'Trelew' attached to inner covers. Includes a collaged work by Vigo. Condition: Cover shows browning and wear around the edges, with a tears along the spine and corners. Interior sheets are mostly very good, with some age toning around the margins of the sheets.
dg. 1974. 2 sheets. In green folder with collaged title information, stamped 'anulada'. The folder is closed by a paper banderolle printed' auto censurado' (not opened). This 'Censored issue' features contributions by Juan Carlos García Palou, Eduardo Leonetti, Juan Carlos Romero, Vigo. Condition: Fine copy with punched holes (as issued) through both cover and interior.
e. 1975. 18 sheets. In brown cardboard paper folder with collaged card stamped 'Arte de YPAMA Investigacion'. Contributions by Vigo, Franco Vaccari, Carlos Ginzburg, Henry Targowski, Pauline Smith, Genesis P. Orridge, Horacio Zabala, Graciela Gutiérrez Marx, Klaus Groh, Luis Iurcovich, Robert Rehfeldt. Title information of this final Hexagono issue is shown on the first page, stamped ' Sellado a mano'. Includes a 6 page text by Vigo with a collage titled 'detalle, 1975' on the last page. Condition: Wrapper has some rubbing on the top and bottom margins, interior very good.

EUR 7,000.00

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