(Bernard Dufour, Bruno Roy).

Nos. 1-3 (all publ.). Editions Fata Morgana (Bernard Dufour,Bruno Roy). Montpellier, 13 juin-9 décembre 1968. 4to; Loose sheets as issued in cardboard folders with ties.Labels on the upper covers (no3 relaid), fine. All three in excellent condition. Ills.
Limited edition (130 copies for number 1, -200 copies for numbers 2 and 3), numbered and signed by the collaborators. The edges of all the sheets in all three volumes are slightly darkened, which is a normal phenomenon of the heliographic paper.
'Insolation est un procédé héliographique de réproduction qui donne son titre à cette série d'ouvrages'. This original production process originates from the revolutionary days of May 1968 when in the Ecole des Beaux-Arts the posters where produced by heliography. - No. 1: 'TOURMENTE'. Onze Poèmes de Michel Butor. Calligraphie, dessins et dactylographie: Pierre Alechinsky, Bernard Dufour, Jacques Herold. - No. 2: 'SORBONNE'. Contribs.: Jean Pierre Faye, Claude Ollier, Maurice Roche. Dessins: Bernard Dufour, Matta. - No. 3: 'LE SEUL MOT DE LIBERTÉ EST TOUT CE QUI M'EXALTE ENCORE' (A. Breton, 1924). Contribs., calligraphie et dessins. Textes de Pierre Guyotat, Denis Roche, Romain Weingarten, Kateb Yacine; Dessins de Bernard Dufour, Ipousteguy, Wilfredo Lam, François Lunven. This volume with the bookplate of the English Surrealist John Lyle.

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