(Nos. 1-31 publ. as:
EVERGREEN REVIEW). Nos. 1-97 (last publ.). New York, 1957/58-1973, then No. 98 (last and all published), New York, Grove Press, 1984. Original illustrated wrappers; in-8 and in-4. A few corners and spines with faint creases or slight wear, but on the whole a near fine set. Very rare complete in this condition. ADDED: A signed copy of Vol. 1 no 2 : San Francisco Scene 1957 Rosset, Barnet ( Editor ) Pictorial wrapper. UNIQUE copy of the most important Beat writing published prior to Kerouac's 'On The Road'. This 'San Francisco Scene' issue celebrates the epochal 'Six Poets at Six Gallery' reading, which turned several of the young poets, especially Allen Ginsberg with his reading of Howl (first appearance), into instant celebrities. Ferlinghetti offered to publish 'Howl' the next day. Signed by Ferlinghetti, Michael McLure and Gary Snyder at the respective contributions. ADDED: A poster for Evergreen . An original 44-1/2 inch high by 29-1/2 inch wide color poster illustrated with Sergei Ivanov's May Day image advertising the counter-culture political periodical, the Evergreen Review. Circa 1967, the poster is illustrated with Ivanov's image of a festive maiden in a sheer dress scattering roses over the heads of the massed proletariat. Cyrillic text is printed above the periodical's name "Evergreen" which is boldly printed across the top. The Cyrillic text is explained at the bottom as being a translation of the periodical's slogan: "*In Russia it means Join the Underground". This is boldly printed at bottom left next the request to "Demand Evergreen at your newsdealer" and an illustration of the magazine with the same cover image. There are several chips and short tears along the edges with a tiny piece out from the bottom left corner and a heavier crease to the top left corner.

EUR 5,000.00

The magazine of the Beat-Generation, edited by Barney Rosset, with contribs. by Henri Miller, L. Ginsberg, Albert. Camus, Jack Kerouac, Samuel Beckett, J.P. Sartre, Eugène Ionesco, Karl Jaspers, Tennessee Williams, Malcolm X, Vladimir Nabokov, Boris Pasternak, interviews with Bernadette Devlin (Women's Lib and other topics), Fernando Arrabal, Ingmar Bergman. Several issues were banned, and sets are hard to find.

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