Happening (December 1962) organised by Melvin CLAY, Frank STERN & Simon VINKENOOG

Vintage poster: Original poster on light-yellow paper of a higher grammage than used for the regular edition (which was printed on lighter paper and mostly folded to A4 size). This is probably a proofprint. 57,5x41 cm. Simon Vinkenoog used the backside to schedule the content of his book ‘Weergaloos’ (1968 Hilversum, Paul Brand) and mounted three pages typoscript – overworked with corrections in manuscript – on the backside (the third page has partly been ripped off). Unfolded, with minor tears and pinholes. TOGETHER WITH Original program booklet. Open het graf. A Homage (sic) to the Dead, A Warning to the Living.Wereld (world) Premiere Necrofilie Bi-lingual Multi-national Happening, Amsterdam 1962 (9 December 1962, Prinsengracht 146). 22p. 30:22 cm. Mimeographed on pink, green and white paper with blind front and back cover in gold card, stapled on topside with 3 staples (one still in place), Edition of 50 copies. With contributions by Simon Vinkenoog, Rijk van Bentum, Melvin Clay, Jan Cremer, Robert Jasper Grootveld, Bart Huges, Jean-Jacques Lebel (Ambassador of Catastrophe), Jean-Pierre Moulin, Frank Stern, Cornelis Bastiaan Vaandrager and Simon Vinkenoog. Stapled, with two out of three staples missing. Complete copy, including the publicity insert of ‘De Bezige Bij’. In very good condition.

EUR 6,000.00

The poster accompanied by the very rare PROGRAM: (Simon Vinkenoog) of this Happening. - Programme of Open het graf! 9.12.62. Stapled sheets with title in handwriting, complete: Title Open Het Graf: A Hommage to the Dead, a Warning to the Living: Wereld (world) Premiere Necrofilie Bi-lingual Multi-national Happening, Amsterdam 1962 (9 December 1962, Prinsengracht 146). Authors Simon Vinkenoog, Rik van Bentum, Melvin Clay, Frank Stern, Robert Jasper Grootveld, Bart Hugues, Bezige Bij G.A. Published 1962 Length 22 Pages: stencilled/mimeographed on one side on varying coloured paper, in gold-coated card, front and back cover present, but staples from the top removed (possibly after an exhibition to show all sheets individually.) On the top cover: title in pencil handwritten "Copyright Simon Vinkenoog 1962, voor de 3/4". - The Happening was a parody inspired by the charity event "Open het Dorp"by Mies Bouwman in junction with death of Princess Wilhelmina and the funeral in the Royal Tomb. There was an improvised art project with a shrine for Marilyn Monroe.

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