Nos. 1-6 (all publ.). Ediciones Lorito Tinto. Buenos Aires, Abril 1985-Marzo 1991. Each issue in a different colour card folder with an original ilustration (collage) on the front, containing loose leaves with prints, (colour) woodcuts, collages, xerox, rubber stamps, various printing techniques, paper stocks and even hand drawn illustrations and elaborately folded sheets (in no 3). xerox and dot matrix computer printing as well as woodblocks (style of of Vigo) and other means; folders size 16x21,5 cm. Each with one to six round punch-holes on the bottom corresponding with the issue number. Limited editions of 200. Most contributions are signed. All in excellent condition apart from some occasional light wear and very light foxing on the folders. Ano 1 No. 1. Abril 1985. 15 leaves and 2 double (one in colour). Ano 1 No. 2. (n.d. 1985?). 11 leaves and 1 double. Ano 2 No. 3. (n.d., 1986 ?). 11 leaves and 1 double. No. 4 Julio 87. 10 leaves and 1 double (of which no 10 on tabloid-size folded newsprint). No. 5 Marzo 90. 14 leaves. No. 6 Marzo 91. 14 leaves.

EUR 7,000.00

Director: Carlos Gregorio Pamparana. No. 1: Contribs. By Claudia del Rio, Francis Picabia, Sixto Gonzalez, Adriana Scattolin, Elvirar Pereyra (cover design), E.A. Vigo (from Hexagono) Cordel, Grupo "Fos". No. 2: (Cow Town Art, First day of issue). Contributors: Enrique Aarau, Liliana Grinberg, Graciella G. Marx (with stam in silver on front cover, and probably the artist of the collage), Gustavo Larsen, Elvira Pereyra, Hilda Paz, Mariella Rothberg. Some contributions signed, numbered and with some rubber stamping. No. 3: Front cover collage by Eduardo Zabalet. Back cover with woodcut and blindstamping. Eds. Adriana Scattoli, Elvra Perayram Contributors: Javier Portela Goyana, Lido Iacopetti, Mariela Rotheberg, Marta Cesarono, Enrique Arau, Alfredo Mauderli. Page 7 with hand drawn illustrations and elaborately folded sheets. No. 4: Cover by Edgardo Antonio Vigo (with blindstamped oval figure, back cover "Anteproyecto de proyecto: realizacion de una tapa de revista). Contribs Ana Perrota,Maria de los Angeles de Rueda, Hilda Paz, Emilio enart, Mario Daniel Gemin, E.A.Vigo, Cecilia Aguero, Daniel Besoytaorube, Julien Blain: tabloid-size folded newsprint, poemes metaphysiques, 8 pages, illustrated, last page with "Note du Jardinier" stamped Jule Blaine, with spanish transl 3 pages typescript on 3 pages. No. 5: Cover by Carlos Gregorio Pamparana. Contributions by Dora Bianchi, Adriana Scattolin, Mariela Rothberg, Guillermo Deisler, Gustavo Larsen, Juan Carlos Romero, Martin Glas, Edgardo Vigo, Pedro Bericat, Carlos Zerpa, Grupo Excombres, Paulo Bruscky. No. 6: Black cover with silver lettering, collage by I Muestranomade Ralveroni, another in colour by Ralveroni affixed to the inside flap, with stencilled text on the "Muestra Nomade" (exposition tinerante). 14 leaves (some unidetified,possibly 1 lacking) by Esteban, Ciampini, Gemin unidentified), Moñoz, Perez Aznar, Lombardo, Gobel, Pamparana, Calderon, Fontana, Guttierrez Marx (unidentified), Vergara (unidentified), Novarin.

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