Literaris tijdschrift der 60ers (Literair tijdschrift der 60ers).

Vol. 1- 10 number 2 (and 3-4) (=all published and complete). Lier, Berchem-Antwerpen, October 1962 - April 1973. Original illustrated wrappers. (Stencilled and glued or stapled to the spine) ADDED: VERY RARE FINAL ISSUE, JANUARY 1976 with titlepage shared with the periodical 'Ko-Ko'. (Ko-Ko II no. 3) identical to LABRIS Vol. 10 no 3-4. Original illustrated wrappers. This first 4 issues of Yr 1 have been integrated in one volume, with the front cover of no 1 preserved. With handwrittem spine-title, some notes in the poem "Zoja"in no 1; 6 pages (p.29-34) of Van Essche's contribution in no 1 are replaced by a copy. Complete set of the utmost rarity, belonged to Leon van Essche. Some interesting additions in a box, see below.
The complete set of one of the key journals of concrete and visual poetry (subtitled "sabril, sarbil, libras,larbis,lirbas,sibral"), published in Belgium with international contributors, under the direction of (and with contributions by): Max Kazan, Leon van Essche, Marcel van Maele, Hugo Neefs, Pierre Anthonissen, Jozef Bierkens, Frans Denissen, Edmond Devoghelaere, Louis Dieltjes, Jan Geerts, Paul J. Lembrechts, Michel Leclerc, Ivo Vroom ,Wilfried Wijnants, Hans Clavin, Arrigo Lora Totino, Philip Ward, OM, Jiri Valoch, Marcel Broodthaers (8 no 1.2;10 no 2). Contributions are in Dutch, French, German and English. Each volume consists of 4 numbers, varying in length from 60-100 pages., each year with a different designed frontcover (designed by Wes Ganzevoort, Walter Goossens, Leon van Essche, W.C. Hoenraat, Wilfried Wijnants). The contents is stencilled typewritten text, often in varying compositions and lay-outs as visual poetry. Also drawings and occasionally photographic illustrations. Volume 5 no 3/4 (218 page + covers) is probably the most important number. It is an "Anthology of avant-guard poetry" including practically all the great names of international avant-garde poetry (Heidsieck, Finlay, Chopin, Furnival, daLevy, Snyder, Sanders, Cobbing, Orlovsky, Bukowski,etc.), compiled with the help of Douglas Blazek, D.Miles, Dom Sylvester Houédard, H.di Campos, Cavan McCarthy, Gianni Emilio Simonetti, Ernst Jandl, Pierre Garnier, E.M. De Melo e Castro, M.Horovitz. A set like this is extremely rare. (See i.a.: Adams/ Breugelmans, Reizende Bladen, p.23). The final issue opens with the information that Labris will be stopped and all remaining funds have been transferred to the benefit of Ko-Ko, which is issuing the Farewell-number of Labris at the same time; the issue opens with a Farewell article of the Labris-editors. Added: Prospectus for Year 8, with overview of all Labirint editions, and brief history (by Hugo Neefs, Michel Leclerc, Leon van Erssche). Also a number of sup[plements LABRISLOS: Periodieke bijdrage,1968-1970, 130 pages.

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