BRAVEAR magazine.

Nos. 1-16 (vols. 1-3, all publ.). Bravear, Hayward,Ca, (Michael Miro Publisher)1982-1987. Unbound, as issued.
Punk zine. Editor Michael Macdonald, Rory Lions, Lorry Fleming. Complete run of this San Francisco area "magazine for moderns" with coverage of local and national punk and new wave acts. Jam, Clash, Passion Kick, English Beat, Audium, Amgst,Jello Biafra, Juliam Cope,Ian MacKaye,Durutti Column, Screaming Trees, Troslu Icepick, Dwarves,Kydia Lunch, The Fall, The Egyptians,Ferret, The Damned, Fetchin Bones, MinuteMenn, Poison Girls, Cat Heads,Camper van Beethoven, Flaming Lips, Golden Dawn, Eagmer, Dear Kennedfys,Billy Bragg, Aslovenly,Sisters of Mercy. Lenny Bruce, Kohn Cage,UB40, Green on Red, Stranglers, U2, Toxic Reasons, T.S.O.L., William Burroughs,Buch Teras, New Californians,Mutans,Articles of Faith,Table Tips,

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