Wekelijksch Colportage-Orgaan van N.V.V. en S.D.A.P., uit. Bureau van Actie en Propaganda tegen Fascisme en Communisme.

Numbers 1 - 117 (August 1933 - November 1935). Lacking 4 issues: 38, 74, 109, 112 and 5 issues are in photocopy (i.e.: 21, 22, 24, 26 and 59). Tabloïd, newsprint;
Weekly of the Dutch Social Democratic party, directed against upcoming Fascism and Communism, and promoting the 'Plan van den Arbeid' (an employment creation programme). Ed.-in-chief: Meijer Sluyzer, with K. Vorrink, H. Vos, W. Rengelink. Issues of 12 pp., front and usually back-page with a full-size caricature by Funke Küller, G. van Raemsdonck, Huib de Ru, Jan Rot, Melle, Skorpio, Georg Klein, Van Veen, Melgors, Fré Cohen, a.o.