Nos. 1-10 (all published). Amsterdam, 1983-1989. In the original illustrated wrappers, 4to., Rare complete set with the art supplements to nos.1-8 (9 and 10 had no supplements in this edition).

EUR 3,000.00

Amsterdam based art magazine with a fresh presentation of upcoming artists in the 1980s. Edited by Waling Boers, Martin van Vreden and Dirk van Weelden. Ten issues were published between 1983 and 1989, in a limited edition between 250 to 450 copies,numbers 1-8 housing an original signed silkscreen supplement or photocopied artists’ contribution.
This set includes these original serigraphies, some folding out, included in the issues, some unfolded.
No. 1: folding screenprint b/w by Frank van den Broek (monogr.FB83)
No. 2: screenprint in colour by Peer Veneman (monogr. PV 84),and photocopy by Rob van Koningsbruggen (RvK 84)
No. 3: folding screenprint Martin van Vreden, and folding colour copy by Günther Forg (e.a.Forg,985)
No. 4: folding screenprint, b/w, by Rob Scholte, entitled "Olympia", but title changed by the artist in "Utopia", signed Rob Scholte 1985
No. 5: screenprint in colour by René Daniels (monogr. RD 86)
No. 6: screenprint in colour by Han Schuil, and folded poster by K.Michel.
No. 7: screenprint b/w, signed by Jiri Dokoupil;
No. 8: folding screenprint b/w, signed, by Ton van Summeren (+1 extra, not folded)
No. 9: has no art supplement (which only appeared in a de-luxe version, by Peter Schuyff)
No. 10: no art supplement was published.

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