Nos. 1-10 (all published). Amsterdam, 1983-1989. In the original illustrated wrappers, (with small burnhole to front cover of no. 2). 4to. (limited edition between 250/450 copies), Rare complete set..

EUR 3,500.00

Edited by Waling Boers, Martin van Vreden, Dirk van Weelden. Together with original serigraphies, some folding out, included in the issues, some unfolded. No. 1: folding screenprint b/w by Frank van den Broek (monogr.FB83) No. 2: screenprint in colour by Peer Veneman (monogr. PV 84),and photocopy by Rob van Koningsbruggen (RvK 84) No. 3: folding screenprint Martin van Vreden, and folding colour copy by Günther Forg (e.a.Forg,985) No. 4: folding screenprint, b/w, by Rob Scholte, entitled "Olympia", but title changed by the artist in "Utopia", signed Rob Scholte 1985 No. 5: screenprint in colour by René Daniels (monogr. RD 86) No. 6: screenprint in colour by Han Schuil, and folded poster by K.Michel. No. 7: screenprint b/w, signed by Jiri Dokoupil; No. 8: folding screenprint b/w, signed, by Ton van Summeren (+1 extra, not folded) No. 9: has no art supplement (which only appeared in a de-luxe version, by Peter Schuyff) No. 10: no art supplement was published.

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