Nos. 1-25 (all publ). Paris, déc. 1970 - printemps 1978 (lacking no 24) 4to; unbound, original pictorial wrappers; numerous illustrations. No.14/15 is on of the De-Luxe edition with additional artwork (see below), cover green, contained in a slipcase..
An international periodical, the first issue printed in the Netherlands, later issues printed in Italy -'Une revue italienne en langue française'-, then printed in France, edited by Jean-François Bory, Janus Chodorowicz, Georges Unglik, Léonardo Nunez, René Baudouin (who later became the editor), Giovani Lista, Thierry Agullo, Arthur Hubschmid, Jean-Claude Silbermann, Danièle Boon, Chantal Petithory, Gilles Plazy, and others.
Ties to Surrealism, Dada and Futurism (no. 2 reprints Futurist Manifestos), Body-Art, Concrete Poetry, Biennales of Paris, etc.; No. 8 contains a gramophone-record by Bernard Heidsieck "Exorcisme"; special issues on Ben Vautier, Jean François Bory, Italy, the painter A.F. Demarle, Fabrizio Plezzi, Arman, Hervé Fischer (Hygiène de l'Art), no. 14/15 is a double-issue on literature; articles by Arturo Schwarz on Dada, interviews with artists (e.g. Giorgio de Chirico, posters of Mieczyslaw Berman, Meret Oppenheim, Niki de Saint-Phalle, etc.).
Note: No 14/15 Luxe: with original artwork added: one of 30 signed copies each 30 with 6 signed originals: Une gravure originale de Jean Claude Silbermann, un gisant d'Alexandre Bonnier, une fiche tecnique de Thierry Agullo, une serigraphie de Tino Stefanoni, un machin de Manfred Mohr, un essuie-mains "hygiene de l árt" d'Hervé Fisher. Complete with the two inserts in issue 8 (Bernard Heidsieck floppy disc & Ben Vautier envelope, óf which the contents were different in each copy) and the lithograph insert by Herve Fischer in no.21.

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