(Orgaan der Ned. Filmliga). Tijdschrift voor zelfstandige Filmkunst (after 1931 subtitle becomes: Onafhankelijk Maandblad voor Filmkunst).

Vol. 1-8 (all published. Amsterdam, J. Clausen, (later: Rotterdam, Nijgh & v. Ditmar), 1927/28-1935, together with the continuation: FILMGIDS. Vol. 1 nos. 1-6 (last and all published, on orig. wrappers, light wear). Rotterdam, Jan.-June 1936). A complete collection, entirely in the original wrappers, in very good near fine condition.

EUR 12,000.00

"Film League". Complete set of the only serious avant-garde film periodical published in the Netherlands; first year (nos. 1-12) entitled 'Orgaan der Ned. Filmliga', published monthly in relation to the programs shown by the league, with very serious articles on the films and their makers; in later years the contents become less strictly connected to the league's monthly program, but are not less serious. Editors: Menno ter Braak (till 1931), Joris Ivens (till 1930), L.J. Jordaan, H. Scholte, C. van Wessem, Knap, J.F. Otten. Contribs. include (apart from the editors, who gave an important share, especially ter Braak en Ivens): El G. de Roos, M.H.K. Franken, M. Sluizer, D.A.M. Binnendijk, N. Rost, A. Muller-Lehning, J. Lenauer, Lou Lichtveld, Jef Last, C.J. Graadt van Roggen, Math. Visser, Ch. Boost, Rico Bulthuis, and numerous important contributors from abroad (often publishing in German, French or English) e.g.: Cavalcanti, Marko Bardach, W. Ruttmann, Fr. Rosenfeld, Symon Gould, S. Silka, V. Huszar, Germaine Dulac, Eisenstein, D. Marion, Rene Clair, Moholy-Nagy, H. Richter, G. van Hecke, Mary Dressler, Ellen Kahn, Erika Mann, etc.; Illustrations include: woodcut by Mirowitch; potraits by Jordaan (Renée Clair, Cavalcanti, Lang, Bataloff); Mitry; photo's by Germaine Krull; photo composite by Paul Schuitema, Moholy-Nagy (Photogram), Man Ray; etc. etc.a few issues on a special theme (Hollywood, Disney, Dutch Cinematography, Film in the Netherlands). Two supplementary plates (by Cavalanti and Mirowitch, and photomontage by S. van Ravesteyn) are present. Year 1 (12 numbers), 1927-Aug.1928, with woodcuts by Cavalanti and Mirowitch in no.1; Photomontage by S.van Ravestein included in no 11in/bw,(same image as the cover which has red added;some repairs to the edges,but front cover in perfect condition). All typographical covers. Year 2 (10 numbers). Oct.1928-Oct.1929. White typographical covers, with (mostly) photograpical (Joris Ivens) or woodcut illustrations. Year 3 (10 numbers). Nov.1929-May 1930. White typographical covers, illustrated as Yr. 2. A small stain on the front cover of no 5 and no 9/10 with light damage to the right edge. Years 4 and 5 (12 numbers each). November 1931-Oct,1932. Covers in colour, designed by and with photomontages of Paul Schuitema.Two issues loose in the spine and 2 issues slightly stained, otherwise all excellent. Year 6 (12 numbers). November 1932-Dec,1933. Photo illustrated covers. Year 7 (12 numbers). January-December 1934. Covers photomontages by Cas Oorthuys. Year 8 (12 numbers). January-December 1935. Covers photomontages by Cas Oorthuys.

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