The most important European Art Scandalpaper (also published as Vandangos, Van Tango's, Phandangos, Fandadangos, Fun-Dango's.).

Nos. 1-11 (December 1973)-1978, which is the complete set of Fandangos proper. It was then followed by (and offered here together with six unnumbered issues. For identification purposes we have provisonally numbered these between brackets (12)-(15), (17). Maastricht, Agora-Studios, n.d.(1980)- 1982. Various sizes. With the rare EXTRA - issue, 1973.

EUR 8,000.00

An exceptional set of this artist periodical, edited by Ger van Dijck, Raoul Marroquin, Marjo Schumans. Published at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht in various formats and lay-outs by MAD-Enterprises and Agora-Studio Maastricht.
Close to FLUXUS, and of importance for Performance Art and early Video Art on Television. Whereas the earlier issues have the character of an artist publication with varied contributions and collages, the later issues increasingly deal with broadcast, television and Video Art projects, initiated by Raul Marroquin, culminating in the Worlds first T.V. Convention, and The Link, a live interactive satellite linking of The Netherlands with New York and San Francisco.
- No. 1: poster-size sheet, screen-printed in black ink on one side, and entitled "Vandangos" ("..…publishing Projects, Documentation, Ideas, Commentaries, Activities, with the aim of an overall communication). [Issue Number/ December and year -1973- ]. Containing contribs. by Robert Filliou (poem), Hr(e)inn Fridfinnsson (dream), Rod Summers, Marjo Schumans, Kristian Gudmundsson a.o.;
- No. 2: poster-sized sheet, printed in green, folded to 16 pages, with pasted collages attached. Dated January 1974. Contributions by the editors, as well as Hr(e)inn Fridfinsson, Filliou, Thomas Niggl, Yoshio Nakajima, Cavellini, Peiter Post, Silvia van Berkel, Jonathan Ellender, Filip Francis, J.C.J. VanderHeyden, Jan Hendrix (Snow), Servie Janssen, a.o. ;
- No. 3: poster-sized sheet printed in black, folded to 16 pages, with pasted collages attached, no date. Contributors as before, plus: Herbert Walker, Dick Wesssels (Blue Landscape), Jacques Lizène, Ulissses Caríon, Christiana Berndes, B.G. Leatemla, Kiyokawa, Peter R. Hutchinson,Yves De Smet, Annalies Klophaus, Anton Verhoeven, Peter Adamski, Guillermo Duarte, Klaus Groh, etc.
- No. 4: VanTangos. Title concept by Klaus Groh (East European correspondent). Loose leaved. 12 not numbered pages. 45 x 30 cm; Maastricht, Autumn/Winter 1974. Contributions include r.f. ("…..yo soy una flor vulnerable y comestible.."), Fernando Gomez, The bay area dadaists, Nikolaus Urban, J. Urban, Yoshio Nakajima, John M. Armleder, Carlo Giovanni Ciatelli, Tina Hittenberger (Photo of Mary Peanut and Ana Banana), h.b. reeskamp, Michael Gibbs, "Do we dare to be happy again?" Script (stills with text) B.Walkers, Laura de Rossi, Rol Summers, Rabi Marroquin; photography Marjo Schumans.
- No. 5: Fun-Dangos. Contributors include Michael Gibbs, Anna Banana, Ulises Carrion, Klaus Groh, Jorge Glusberg. Printed in black on blue paper, loose leaved, 16 not numbered pages, 44 x 29,5 cm, Maastricht (1975).
- No. 6: Fandadangos: Anna Banana , Ulises Carrion , Klaus Groh , Clemente Paradin, contains an interview with Iannis Xenakis by M. Allegrini and an interview with Joseph Beuys by M. Hawley Printed in b/w, front page hand coloured, loose leaved, 16 not numbered pages, 45 x 30 cm, Maastricht (1975).
- No. 7: The most important Art & Scandal Newspaper in the whole world. 64 pages, of which 8 pages on light green stock , stapled in the spine in illustrated wrappers, Fandangos stamped in red over a b/w photograph by Klaus Staeck on the front-cover (courtesy Nam June Paik) showing Paik with Joseph Beuys. Interview with Pierre Cardin (by Madeleine Allegrini), interview with Michel Cardena (by Martha Hawley; Willoughby Sharp performing "Full Womb". Bay Area Dadaists. Mad Enterprizes, Fandangos, Video. Performances, Projects etc., from: Yves de Smet, Michael Druks, Ger van Dijck, Filip Francis, Rod Summers (photography), ….Yoshio Nakajima, Wout Vercammen.. ... Maurizio Nannucci, Kalkmann, Kid Barton (in action), Fujiwara Kazumi chi, Video (Made in N.Y.): Nam June Paik (Portrait of Russel Connor), ...and many others. Maastricht, Agora Studio, 1976.
- No. 8/11: "Fandangos Superb Issue" is a quadruple issue of 92 pp., profusely ill. with contribs. on photography, film, video, installations, performances, etc., and interviews with Ulisus Carrion, Robert Filliou, Mohammed Ali, Costa Gavras. Maastricht, 1978.
- (No. 12): V.P.R.O Broadcast. Luxemburg. Grand Prix Exclusive!. 21x15cm, stapled, 15pp. Offset. Program produced by the Fandangos/Mad Enterprises team: Raul Marroquin, Daniel Brun, N.Herrera, Hans Koens, David Garcia, Jaime Davidovich, H.J.Barreto, K.Loffler, Michael Bright, Theo van der Aa, Ger van Dijck, Video Heads, L.Baretta, M.Hennus.
- (No. 13): World’s First T.V. Convention. Maastricht, Fandangos Foundation 1980. Illustrated softcovers (24x17,5 cm.) 63pp. Glued in the spine, some pages loosening, but complete and otherwise fine condition. Offset. "Mad Enterprises Inc. and Video Heads have the pleasure of inviting you to World's First T.V.Convention, an installation by Raul Marroquin. June 23-27 1980, The Bank, Haarlemmerstraat 118, Amsterdam." Loosely laid in: Invitation Card.
- (No. 14): Fandangos Extra. On the World’s First T.V. Convention. Agora Studio 1980. 21x15cm., stapled, 12pp. Offset. Printed from typescript, with illustrations.
- (No. 15): Fandangos Stereo. Agora Studio 1979. 30,5x21,5 cm., folded sheet. Offset. Juan Marañas issue: Juan Marañas est de retour. Le martyre d' une 'epouse delaissee. (Raul Marroquin, Daniel-Marcel Brun, etc.)
- (No. 17): (FANDANGOS SPECIAL ON THE LINK). Edited by André Minnaar: The Link. A live interactive satellite cable melodrama”.Maastricht, Agora Studio 1982. 30x21 cm., stapled, in illustrated wrappers. (small defect to back wrapper). Unpaginated (44 pages). Offset. "The Link New York-Amsterdam". Fictional articles; Daniel Brun, Michael Hanish, Raul Marroquin, Mans von Stedingk, Jo Willems. Photography Theo van der Aa, Maurice Boyer, Jorgos Chronis, Raul Gallegos, James Regan (also cover). Introduction by Josine van Droffelaar. (Note:this program was finally only broadcasted in New York, the proposed link with the Amsterdam cable television was not accomplished; see van Mechelen, De Appel, page 287/288)
- EXTRA -ISSUE1973 ; EXTRA!. 18 nov.'73. Vandangos News-sheet. Redaction: boschstraat 83a maastricht Editors: Anton Verhoeven, Raul Marroquin, Marjo Schumans. Publishers: Agora, maastricht, jan van eyck academy 29,5x21 cm. With 2 perforation holes. Distributed for Great Britain:beau geste press. Stencilled. Shows 6 photo-pictures of Performances: Preparation/ Try out/Prof.Sarneel with Anton Verhoeven, performed/The communication game,proposed ny W.Becker, director of Neue Galerie Asschen/Interview for Video with mr. Szenassy and R.Marroquin by Radio Omroep Maastricht/Performance by a guard of the museum/ The Telephone to Colombia performed by E.M. (Equipo Movimiento) at Bonnefantenmuseum on the opening of the exhibition Ways of Communication 7 Nov.73. (This communication would take one and half hours to connect, but failed to get established)

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