A group of 12 numbers comprising:
Nos. 5 - 17 (out of 17 published, without no 8). Barnet, Herts., May 1964--Sept. 1966. Mimeographed sheets, foolscap stapled. Illustrated. Individually cut pages, with some issues featuring 'designed' stains, gaps cut into the text, see-through burns, and inserts.
Edited by Jeff Nuttall. Amongst other things important for the collaboration of Burroughs, who introduced his own newspaper, called variously (The Burrough and The Moving Times) , also with Claude Pélieu and Carl Weissner. No.5 No date (May 1964). Contains the first appearance of The Moving Times, defined by Nuttall as Burroughs' "programmed assault on reality" via the cut-up method. Described as a 'Special Tangier Edition', the cover has a full-page drawing of Burroughs wearing a fez. (M&M C100). Also: Jeff Nuttall. Light staining, mostly on the blank back-page No. 6 No date (July 1964). The "Cut-Up Issue", with most pages having been cut into eight squares which are stapled at edges to backing sheet. Contains "Afternoon Ticker Tape" in The Burrough, appearing as the last two pages of My Own Mag. In "St. Louis Return" Burroughs refers to this magazine appearance, "an experiment in newspaper format…largely a rearrangement of phrases from the front page of The New York Times, September 17, 1899, cast in the form of code messages." (M&M C95). Also: B.S. Johnson; Anselm Hollo; Keith Musgrove; Jeff Nuttall. A bit stained, rusting on the staples No.7 No date (July 1964). Contains "Bring Your Problems to Lady Sutton Fix" and "Over the Last Skyscrapers a Silent Kite", in The Moving Times. (M&M C97). Also: Alden Van Buskirk (his first publication); Jeff Nuttall. The second burned cover, with see-through window. Staples sl. rusty, with a few staple-mark indentations. No.10 No date (Dec. 1964). All British number, featuring Bill Butler, Tom McGrath, Dave Cunliffe, and others. Very well preserved, clean.. No. 11 (Feb. 1965). Contains "Dec. 29: Tuesday was the Last Day for Singing Years", "Letter to Jeff Nuttall", and "Collage" in The Moving Times; plus letters and quotes from newsclippings on Dr. Dent's apomorphine treatment. (M&M C105-108). Also: Michael McClure; Jeff Nuttall; Anselm Hollo. Near Fine No. 12 (May 1965). Contains "The Last Words of Dutch Schultz" (first appearance) and "Letter to Sunday Times". (M&M C112-113). Also: Carl Weissner; Jeff Nuttall (on Sigma); Martin Bax. Staples sl. rusty, o/w Near Fine. No. 13 (Aug. 1965). "Dutch Schultz Special", containing "The Dead Star". One of 500 numbered copies in offset facsimile of the original manuscript. (M&M C122). Also: Jeff Nuttall. Wear to the righthand margin. No. 14 (Dec. 1965). Contains "Moving Times", being Burroughs quotes in collaged material by Carl Weissner. (M&M C131). Also: Charles Plymell; Brian Patten; Tom McGrath; Bill Butler; others. Near Fine. No. 15 (April 1966). With Editorial Bit (2 small leaves), and list of subscribers/stencilled, stapled to front page. Contains "Nut Note on the Column Cutup Thing", "WB Talking", "Quantities of the Gas Girls", and an untitled piece, all appearing in The Moving Times. (M&M C137-140). Also: Bill Butler; Claude Pélieu; Jeff Nuttall. Near Fine. No.16 (May 1966). Edited by Clifton DeBerry (c/o Better Books), ie. Nuttall, who only later discovered that the 'real' DeBerry was a black American Communist, former Wobbly and two-time Socialist Workers Party candidate for President of the United States. Near Fine. No. 17 (Sept. 1966). Contributors incl. Carl Weissner (a cut-up of a Burroughs text); Jim Haynes; Criton Tomazos; Wm. Wantling; Doug Blazek; Claude Pélieu; Charles Plymell; Jeff Nuttall. The last issue. (M&M C154). Near Fine.

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