A group of 19 (of 25 published) unnumbered and undated issues,including “transparent BILE issue.”Publisher: Bradley Lastname, No Tickee/No Washee Enterprises. Chicago, IL 1978–1984. Red, green, blue, and black offset on white, red, yellow and transparent paper. Staple bound. Edition of 200. 6 issues are numbered and signed by Bradley Lastname in ink on recto..One issue with a postcard signed by Lastname. Very good condition. Mostly ca. 28 x 21,5 cm., but one issue smaller size ( 21,5x17,5 cm ). One issue with "Exquisite Corpse Supplement" (movable transparent paper); One issue is called "Scratch and Sniff"; There is one larger issue transparent paper,unfolding to 43,5x 28, with large insert/Bile Broadside 3 (Charlotte Moorman's Video Mastectomy) and another issue contains Bile Broadside 4 (on red paper, 40)., and one issue smaller 21,5x17,5 cm. Added: three issues with mailed envelopes to Jeffrey Cook

EUR 3,500.00

Edited by Bradley Lastname. Graphic magazine with illustrations, text, and image collage, photocopied and rubberstamped. The titles is based on the mail art magazines VILE and FILE, resounding LIFE (Red and White logo). Many contributions are influenced by or based on Surrealist themes. Bile has a handmade feeling, some issues with special features added, e.g.: two issues with a venticular eye glued to the page that blinks open and closes as the issue is moved around, . (cf Allen p.244)

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