Artist’s publication. Curated by Richard Phillips. Publisher: Simon Watson, New York, NY. nd [1990]
Black offset print on white and color paper. Staple bound. Very good condition. Two staple holes near top left binding. 11 x 8.5”
Unpaginated [92 pages]
…" examine the ways in which contemporary artists have used, or have been influenced by, the Heavy Metal industry."...
Contributions by: A. Agerbeek, Axel, A. Bickerton, K. Burckhart, J. Currin, J. Decter, J. Diamond, C. Donegan, A. Perlstein, T. Henry III, M. Kelley, D. Kloster, D. Kraker, B. Krasner, D. Trebitz, S. Landers, R. Lee, D. Levine, Lip Service LA, K. Lum, P. Martori, A. Morgana, V. Muniz, P. Nagy, C. Ostendarp, K. Landers, J. Otterson, R. Pettibone, P. Pockock, R. Pruitt, J. Early, A. Rockman, G. Simmons, D. Stoller, J. Watchel, and C. Wilder.

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